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Sanding machine easy to use? Good maintenance is the key
time: 2017-09-30 11:45:14
With the continuous development of the furniture industry, the role of sanding machine is more important, the efficiency of sanding machine determines the speed of production of furniture, sand machine to ensure the efficiency of work, first of all to maintain a good sanding machine.
To do the cleaning work of sanding machine. Regularly clean the various parts of the sanding machine to keep the sander work fluency.
Regular inspection of the various parts of the sanding machine. Here we mainly look at the woodworking machinery in the course of whether there is abnormal sound or noise, and woodworking machinery is a serious heat situation, once the problem should be immediately detected, maintenance, to ensure that the sanding machine good working condition.
Regularly sanding the sanding machine. Maintaining the lubrication of the equipment is a very important thing, only the machine always maintain a smooth state, in order to make sander better run.
Sanding machine operation will leave wood chips to clean up in time. Or more accumulation of wood chips, it is easy to enter the sander inside, thus affecting the use of sanding machine effect.
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