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Sanding machine safety protection system
time: 2017-09-30 11:44:19
The sanding machine is a carpenter processing and processing equipment. The operator understands the safety system before using the sanding machine. When the accident occurs, these safety systems can protect the operator's personal safety.
1, emergency stop button: emergency stop button is usually set in the control system panel, the choice of red color, when the production process which occurs when the sudden tight situation can quickly take this button, which is running the equipment It will stop immediately.
2, belt protection function: in the long time of production which can not completely avoid the belt fracture, deviation and other phenomena, with a belt protection function of the sanding machine but encountered such a problem will immediately stop the brake, To protect the operator's personal safety and equipment performance will not be damaged.
3, click on the protection system: When the equipment appears serious overload and phase failure, the motor will automatically stop running, and in the control panel will give the appropriate warning.
4, the work surface lift protection system: that is, we usually refer to the limit, can be effective processing trip.
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