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Buy sanding machine according to demand
time: 2017-09-30 11:49:21
Sanding machine is commonly used in woodworking machinery, is the name of many different types of sanding machine, different woodworking industry needs to use the sanding machine types are different, sanding machine according to their own characteristics are divided into ordinary, heavy, elevated, double Face and primer five different types. So when the purchase of sanding machine in accordance with their own needs to choose the appropriate sanding machine.
For example, ordinary sander, its power is the smallest, and the body is relatively light and compact, but it is precisely because of this reason, it is relatively small force, which is very easy in the process of sanding for the product damage. And heavy sanding machine, then, although the power is relatively large, but the fuselage is relatively large and heavy, but with a large force, strong and durable characteristics, of course, the price is higher than the ordinary sander, and more suitable for large Production use.
In the purchase of sanding machine before the sanding machine have a certain understanding, combined with their own needs to buy the appropriate sanding machine. Sanding machine, sanding machine manufacturer, Qianchuan Wood Equipment Co., Ltd., professional woodworking machinery manufacturer.
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