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Sanding machine, sanding machine manufacturers, thousands of wood worthy of your trust!
time: 2017-09-25 17:42:39
Sanding machine is an indispensable machinery for woodworking, although it is said that the quality of the sanding machine of Chuanchuan wood is rarely problematic, but it can not avoid the man-made operation mistakes. Today, Xiaobian has talked about the sand machine Normal operation of the external factors.
First of all, for the broadband sander this type of sanding machine, the more prone to the problem is the belt deviation. The reason for this situation is caused by improper adjustment of the belt, of course, if the outside of the dust concentration is too high flowers will also affect the sanding machine, causing the belt deviation.
So when using the sanding machine to pay attention to their own use of the method is the standard, but also often on the killer to clean up to prevent dust and other external impurities on the sanding machine impact.
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